Adjustments (paper, felt, cork, synthetic materials)

This service includes adjustments to the pads, keys and key heights.  You will love to play your flute again after having the adjustments set properly.

COA (clean, oil and adjust)

Clean and oil all rods, shim and adjust pads and key heights as necessary, set spring tension, check head cork and hand polish.  Having this service performed once a year on your flute will prolong the life of your mechanism as well as prevent premature overhauls.


Disassemble entire flute, remove all old pads, felts, paper connections, etc.  Clean and oil mechanism, refit keys if necessary, install new, top quality pads, corks, felts and adjustment materials, set key heights and spring tension, replace head cork and hand polish.

* Straubinger overhauls require additional mechanical work which includes precision leveling and shaping of tone holes, centering keys over tone holes and fitting of pivot screws.